Name: Top One27
Tel: 9319 3349
Address: 127 REGENT ST.
Work Hr: Monday - Sunday 1pm - 3am
Friday / Saturday 1pm - 4am

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Types and Services : Brothel     Massage     Escort     Private     Night Club


Korean speak : 02 9319 3349

Chinese speak : 02 9319 3349 (NO TEXT)

Our young girls are strictly Korean whom are handpicked from the heart of Asia (Seoul) and come to serve you in a new 5 star renovated establishment.

At ˇ§Top ONE27ˇ¨ we strive to provide you the best service in Sydney

We have friendly staff that will make you feel right at home when you visit ˇ§Top ONE27ˇ¨.

We have started this luxury establishment with the intention to set a new bench mark in the business and we pride ourselves on being very professional.

Our girls will give you a girlfriend like feeling when you visit them with their warm welcoming attitude, they will have a shower with you and wash you.

She will perform natural French on you and blow your mind with cold and hot sensations.

School girl, Nurse, flight attendant and casual is our theme dayˇ¦s outfits.

We also have a frequent visitor program.

May I request, if you can spare some of your precious time to come and enjoy our brand new facility and give our friendly staff your valued opinion. And after your first experience we will not blame you for coming back on such a regular basis, so become friendly with the reception staff as you will see allot of them.

Thank you for the time you have invested in reading our advertisement. Your valuable opinion and constant support is our inspiration