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Nuru Therapeutic Massage


Welcome to Hong Kong - Sydney Massage. I am Fion, Specializing in the treatment of back pain and injury.a licensed therapist, and a Nuru massage specialist.

Located in a private studio, I am a beautiful, well-trained and experienced female therapist with more than 9 years of massage work, a strong customer service attitude, with many long-term customers.

I offer professional massage and an exhilarating Nuru massage service with a mysterious oriental flavor. A session with me will enhance your appreciation of massage services and Nuru massage.

I am pleased to offer my customers a high quality massage experience through excellent technology and the best sensory experience.

You will be able to enjoy this service in a completely private situation, so that you can relax and immerse yourself in the enjoyment of passion.

Nuru massage combines your body and mind,
and enhances your mental and physical condition
so that your mental state is touched by the ultimate pinnacle of excitement.

I am Sydney's most professional massage therapist. Please check my website, it has all you need, including address, contact details and my real photo.[ąj]


Please check my professional massage videos at:


Price List

Aroma Oil Massage
AUD 100/60 minutes
AUD 150/90 minutes
AUD 200/120 minutes

Deep tissue massage

AUD 120/60 minutes
AUD 180/90 minutes
AUD 240/120 minutes
AUD 300/150 minutes
AUD 360/180 min (best)

Treatment massage

AUD 150/60 minutes
AUD 230/90 minutes
AUD 300/120 minutes
AUD 375/150 minutes
AUD 450/180 min (best)

Tantric massage

AUD 250/60 minutes
AUD 375/90 minutes
AUD 500/120 minutes

Nuru massage

AUD 300/60 minutes
AUD 450/90 minutes
AUD 550/120 minutes
AUD 650/150 minutes
AUD 750/180 min (best)

Nuru Massage - Interactive

AUD 350/60 minutes
AUD 530/90 minutes
AUD 680/120 minutes
AUD 780/150 minutes
AUD 880/180 minutes (best)

It is a private massage studio in the West Ryde North District, a 5-minute walk from the station. Please call 0451871268 to book a time and date. I will confirm the address to you. When leaving a message, please me know your preferred time, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Please remember that during busy times there may be a delay before I can reply but I will get back to you as soon as possible. There is parking space outside the studio for those arriving by car or taxi.

Monday to Sunday
My work time 10am to 12am

Name: Nuru Therapeutic Massage
Tel: 0451871268
Web: http://www.bestsydneyprivatemassage.com/index_e.php
Web: http://www.bestsydneyprivatemassage.com/index.php
Work Hr: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 12 am / 14 hours

Types and Services: Brothel   Massage   Escort   Private   Night Club

I'm Fion. I offer professional massage therapy services and treat back pain and injuries.

Located in the private studio West Ryde, trained and experienced female therapists, with more than 9 years of massage work, a strong customer service attitude and many long-term customers.

I am very happy to provide my customers with a high quality massage experience through superior technology and the best sensory experience.

You will enjoy this service in a completely private environment, allowing you to relax.